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Our M.O.M. Inc.

  • Our M.O.M., Inc. is taking a year off in 2018 from Miles Over Melanoma and looks forward to seeing everyone on May 11, 2019! Remember to be skin safe this spring and summer, doing everything you can to prevent skin cancer and getting anything suspicious looked at by a doctor right away.

  • Our M.O.M., Inc. is the winner of the 2012 Exceptional Donor Award from the Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital. This honor would not be possible without our supporters. Thank you for continuing the fight against this terrible disease.

Miles Over Melanoma 2008

The First Annual Miles Over Melanoma was a huge success! Even though the members of Our M.O.M., Inc. stressed over the weather for weeks and weeks, everything ran smoothly on May 10th. Prior to the event, St. Louis was hit hard by heavy rains for a few months which resulted in the flooding of part of our five mile path. We were able to work around the flood and those who attended were very understanding.

Almost 600 people attended, and Our M.O.M., Inc. raised $37,000!! We appreciate the enormous amount of support from family and friends – new and old. The best way to describe the mood is to imagine 600 grins from ear to ear. Smiles on the faces of 2 year olds, 15 year olds, 40 year olds, and 70 year olds filled Cliff Cave Park from 9a to 4p! Our mom was shining down on the entire event. From the smooth registration process to the educational booths to the delicious lunch, we worked through our mom and made sure our guests were happy!

We also made sure they were learning. The goals of Our M.O.M., Inc. include an educational campaign on how to prevent and detect skin cancer. Therefore, we had three educational booths set up at the event. Our close friends volunteered to work the booths so our guests could have all of their questions answered. At the Prevent Booth, people received free sunscreen and informational brochures about how to prevent skin cancer. From there people could visit with dermatologist Dr. Wayne Breer at the Detect Booth and ask questions or show him suspicious spots on their skin. The Cure Booth was empty, as we are painfully aware that there is no cure. The booths were jam packed all day long with people lathering on sunscreen and asking Dr. Breer a million questions.

DJ Steve Schweiss kept the crowd entertained while playing great music from 9a to 3p. As people gathered under the beautiful pavilion, it was fitting that he played several Johnny Cash songs…one of our mom’s favorites. Steve also helped in getting the run/walk started at 11a, following a beautiful prayer from a close family friend, Father Ted. The music, and the fun, lasted all day long.

As the run/walk was about to begin, roughly 600 people lined up in their “First Annual Miles Over Melanoma” t-shirts, decorated with an orange eight ribbon, representing the 8 children who are fighting melanoma through this foundation. Each child carried an orange balloon. There were competitive runners, fast walkers, and families with strollers. Inspiring is a great word to describe it. People set off to run, walk, or stroll for one mile or five miles. As they crossed the finish line, each participant turned in the number of miles they ran or walked.

We started serving lunch and beverages as soon as the first participants finished. Our mom always made sure her guests did not leave hungry, so we had lunch catered by one of her favorite places, Kenrick’s Meat and Catering. The picnic tables filled up, and people of all ages set-up their own picnics on the ground. It was like a giant family reunion of groups of people who came not knowing each other and left with a common bond.

Each person made a huge impact on our fight. We are fighting melanoma, which continues to take lives every hour. We will use the funds from this event to begin our educational campaign on prevention and detection. These two goals are very important because if skin cancer is caught early, lives can be saved! One day we hope to donate large amounts of money to melanoma research.

We are also forever grateful to our amazing sponsors of this event. They also play a huge role in our fight against this terrible disease.

Click here to visit “Where Will Your Donation Go?” to find out what we are doing this summer.

Click here to view and order pictures from the event! Christina Schellhardt, event photographer and daughter-in-law to our mom (wife of Tim Schellhardt), took over 500 pictures! Notice the smiles…