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Our M.O.M. Inc.

  • Our M.O.M., Inc. is taking a year off in 2018 from Miles Over Melanoma and looks forward to seeing everyone on May 11, 2019! Remember to be skin safe this spring and summer, doing everything you can to prevent skin cancer and getting anything suspicious looked at by a doctor right away.

  • Our M.O.M., Inc. is the winner of the 2012 Exceptional Donor Award from the Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital. This honor would not be possible without our supporters. Thank you for continuing the fight against this terrible disease.

Miles Over Melanoma 2010

Third Annual Miles Over Melanoma

On May 8, 2010, Our M.O.M., Inc. was honored to host the Third Annual Miles Over Melanoma in St. Louis, MO. We are pleased to say, just like the first two years, it was a huge success. With the support of over 700 participants, volunteers and sponsors, we raised over $40,000!

The weather was a little chilly, a bit sunny, and very windy. As usual we were determined to make the event wonderful for everyone. Even the intense winds didn't stop us from hanging the beautiful banners showcasing our amazing sponsors. Volunteers showed up as early as 7am to help set up the event. Participants began arriving around 9:30am pleased to see the beautiful blue shirts we chose this year. The Board Members of Our M.O.M., Inc. wore orange shirts, and we were pleased to have additional people in orange this year. These individuals are very special to the foundation.

We selected very close extended family and dear friends to join committees. Their dedication and support helped us expand this year, and for that we are forever grateful.

As usual the food, drink and music were all wonderful. A few new highlights to point out - we put up signs acknowledging the loved ones of participants who are battling or have lost their battle to melanoma. It was very moving to see the families and friends taking their pictures by the signs.

In addition to that, we had a wonderful guest of honor. Carolyn Edrington of the Melanoma Research Foundation flew in from Nashville, TN to see our hard work in action. We presented her with a $5,000 donation to the MRF. We were also very proud to present $20,000 to Washington University/Barnes Jewish Hospital as the first step in setting up an endowed fund in Patricia Schellhardt Malone's name. Dr. Gerald Linette, our mom's oncologist, will use the fund for research for an effective treatment and cure for melanoma.

The Prevent and Detect Booths were packed all day. There were always people waiting to ask dermatologist Dr. Wayne Breer questions about suspicious spots on their skin, or what changes to look for on their skin.

As one side note, the day was bittersweet for the Schellhardt family. On April 29, Frank Malone, our loving stepfather for more than 20 years, passed away from complications from thyroid cancer. He was a loving husband to our mom and we miss him dearly.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors, volunteers, and participants for your continued support of our foundation and our fight against melanoma!